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Dr. Lorena Cavalieri is an Italian Psychologist and Psychotherapist, is registered with the Ordine degli Psicologi della Regione Lazio (Professional Board of Psychologists in Italy) and she is also member of APS (Australian Psychological Society) and AAFT (Australian Association of Family Therapy).
She has studied Psychology and Psychotherapy in Italy and recently she moved in Perth.



The Psychotherapy Office is located in Perth suburbs of Wembley Downs, Western Australia, and it is easily accessible to people living in Perth and surrounding suburbs. The psychotherapy service offering is specialises in Family Therapy, but also can be provide Individual Psychotherapy, Couple Therapy, and Children & Family Counselling. The counselling and family therapy service is managed according to the Code of Ethics of the Australian Association of Family Therapist (AAFT). At the same time is also accorded to the Italian Code of Ethics of Consiglio Nazionale degli Ordine degli Psicologi.

To set an appointment fill out the form or send an email to:

Studio: 99
Weaponess Road
Wembley Downs 6019 WA

Lorena Cavalieri
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